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Although there are many keyphrase tools available, any search engine optimization Services company must know that they cannot replace market research. It is crucial to choose keyphrases that reflect a person’s understanding when marketing online. This article will discuss two important aspects of keyphrase research that search engine optimization companies should consider: understanding the prospect and knowing their company.

Understanding the Prospect

A search engine optimization company has many keyphrases that can be used to drive traffic to your website. Marketing on the Internet shouldn’t be about traffic. Instead, it should focus on getting the right traffic. Although a search engine optimization company may target a popular phrase, 90 percent of people searching for it will not be genuine prospects. The company could also target a phrase that is less popular but more likely to attract the right type of prospects. It is easy to guess which one is easier. Guess which one is more efficient.

You can segment your prospects in 3 ways to get the best results with Internet marketing.

  • Geographic region
  • The level of service you are looking for
  • Place in the buying cycle

By Geographic Region

You don’t have to market on the Internet with generic keywords if your business offers search engine optimization agency in a specific area. An experienced search engine optimization company can suggest the best phrases and geographic modifiers to get you the most traffic.

The keyphrase “realty agent” might bring in lots of traffic. However, if the searcher is in California and you are in Georgia, it won’t be helpful. Your search engine optimization company should target “Atlanta realtor” to get real leads.

Level of Service Wanted

Targeting your keyphrases on the Internet by the quality of your customers’ service is another way to reach your target audience. Your search engine optimization Services company will need to know from you (or your sales team) which customers you are attracting.

If you market high-level packages as an email marketer, and you use the term Digital Marketing Agency when marketing online, you will attract a lot of traffic that isn’t really interested in your services. Instead, your search engine optimization company should target a keyphrase such as “premium mail marketing”, which is less common but still brings in more leads.

Placed in the Buying Cycle

Ask your search engine optimization company what your goals are for marketing on the Internet. Your goal may be to be the information source for someone searching for your service or to be the destination for someone who is ready to make a deal.

If you’re a real estate company that uses the Internet to market, there are two options. Search engine optimization companies can target keywords like “Atlanta realty,” which will bring in prospects who are still early in the process, and looking for information about the area. This is why you should make sure that you have whitepapers or other information pages on your website.

Another option is to target the phrase “Atlanta realtors”, which is more likely be searched by someone looking to purchase a home in that area. These searchers will be ready to close the deal when they reach your website. Before you start your research, a good search engine optimization company will ask the right questions to help you determine which phrase is best for you strategy or whether you would benefit from both.

Know the Company

Similar to traditional marketing, online marketing should include understanding your company’s specific goals. Three ways your search engine optimization company can refine your keyphrases:

  • They are those who bring in more revenue
  • They are those that improve underperforming areas of business
  • Those who are focused on new services

Those who bring in more revenue

Search engine optimization companies can help you focus your marketing efforts on the Internet towards products and services that have the highest return. This allows you to treat all your products and services equally, and thus all keyphrases. You may have two business lines, one of which is 30 percent and the other 70 percent. Your keyphrases will focus too much on the business that nets 30%, which can lead to a drop in overall margins. Focusing on the company that nets a higher percentage will result in an increase.

Those who boost areas of underperforming businesses

A search engine optimization company will also be able to find out which areas of your products or services have not received enough attention and can then focus on them. The Internet can help you get new leads in those areas. You might have a business line that is not performing well and the authorities have made it known that they need to improve this area. This is something your search engine optimization company needs to be aware of as it can assign keyphrases to the underperforming sector. Your keyphrases could be assigned equally if you do not give this information to your SEO Expert, regardless of whether it asks you or not.

These that are focused on new services

Your search engine optimization company can begin searching for the right keyphrases if you tell them about any products or services that you have. This will allow you to get traction before your product is available. You can also start marketing in the area via the Internet earlier than waiting for it to be out. Let your SEO company know what initiatives you have in mind for your business if they ask.


The benefits of targeting prospects online will be obvious. You will quickly see the benefits of targeting specific areas of your company and not treating all keyphrases equally. Instead, leads will have already been filtered so that salespeople can close more deals.

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